v. t.1.To take up; to elevate; to assume.
n.1.That which is assumed; an assumption.
The sun of all your assumpts is this.
- Chillingworth.
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"I know that's something we're going to have to look at - how do people react because people make assumpt ions because she has a famous mother or her dad's from America and she speaks a different language a bit.
Institutions, bureaucracies, and commercial enterprises, however, have diluted or eliminated these environments based on unfounded assumpt ions about appropriate early experiences (Balfanz 1999).
While in the case of trust, the actor who considers to invest trust in his assumpt ions selects the possibility that the potential trustee will behave the way he prefers, the powerful actor selects a possibility of behaviour which he suggests to the subordinate actor as an undesirable behaviour that should be avoided.
I could have asked you to make other assumpt ions: to render the cycles as a function, say, of a general network of polyrhythmic and hocketing principles; or as a function of a different set of harmonies--fewer dyads, for example, and more elaboration.
These contacts on an everyday basis have deepened further my perceptions and challenged my assumpt ions.
Set against the background of these inscriptions of economic borrowing into rhetorical discourse, the Port Royal Rhetoric's representation of the catachretic simile appears to involve "borrowing" of an entirely different order: one based not on reciprocity and mutual agreement to the exchange by borrower and lender, but one that is unilateral, predicated not upon the lender's consent but upon the borrower's assumpt ion of the liberty to appropriate a commodity located in another person's domain.
"It was the assumpt ion that he was bigger than the Stones."