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(Biography) a variant spelling of Ashurbanipal


(ˌɑ ʃʊərˈbɑ niˌpɑl)

also Assurbanipal

died 626? B.C., king of Assyria 668?–626? b.c.
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Noun1.Assurbanipal - king of Assyria who built a magnificent palace and library at Nineveh (668-627 BC)Assurbanipal - king of Assyria who built a magnificent palace and library at Nineveh (668-627 BC)
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Streck, Assurbanipal und die letzen assyrischen Konige bis zum Untergange Niniveh's (VAB; Leipzig: Hinrichs, 1916), 2:194-195.
The individual who will set as his first purpose in life "self-expression" and not "self-control"--will become vulnerable to any influence, so much so that his condition will become, in Babbitts's view, similar to that of Byron's Assurbanipal (the famous king of Assyria, known also by his Latin name Sardanapalus) when addressing his queen, Zarina, to reveal to her how he feels about himself:
The Sesostrises, Assurbanipal and the Cambyses were the crowned representatives of the bank and monopolies of the time, as were Dupleix and Clive in India in the last century, and as are, in our century, the powers divvying up Africa" (Reclus, 1905a, page 488).
It is mentioned by the Assyrians in the Annals of Senacharib and Essarhaddon as well as by Assurbanipal.
Le deuxieme tome parle de deux rois : Assurbanipal - qui est pour beaucoup dans la sauvegarde de la civilisation mesopotamienne - et Hammourabi qui a codifie la societe mesopotamienne.
Layard excavated the principal mound which contains the palaces of Sennacherib and Assurbanipal.
Among the former category is New York-based avantgardist Assurbanipal Babilla's "Something Something Uber Alles" which follows the bizarre tale of a man who looks like Hitler.
Featuring two works by Iranian exile Assurbanipal Babilla, as well as a celebration of the late auteur Reza Abdoh, the Iranian Theater Festival will featur 12 productions in a variety of styles, from puppetry (Leila Ghaznavi's Silken Veils) to solo comedy (Negin Farsad's Bootleg Islam), from dance (Brendan Regimbal and Samara Naeymi's Aviary) to a metatheatrical caper involving American Theatre's Eliza Bent in a live Skype conversation with Salar Sardary, an Iranian university student (Pen Pals Meet).
apoiando-se em dois contos epicos sumerios (Gilgamesh e a Terra dos Vivos, Gilgamesh e o touro celeste) desenvolveu uma obra original, que foi sendo reescrita ate a epoca de Assurbanipal (669-631/27).
Some accused US occupation forces and the same Israeli gangs of damaging and obliterating Iraqi archaeological sites, especially in Babylon, and in particular those that document the military campaigns of Sennacherib, his father Sargon, Assurbanipal and Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to besiege the cities of Lachish, Samaria and Jerusalem - a fact asserted by the UNESCO organization on several occasions.
14) The Gilgamesh Epic exists in two ancient versions, an old Babylonian one dating to the early second millennium BCE and the fuller, standard version from the Assyrian library of Assurbanipal at Nineveh, dating to the first half of the seventh century BCE.
Lerner makes Assyrian rulers such as Esarhaddon and Assurbanipal come to life as scholars and collectors who created great early libraries.