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a.1.Of or pertaining to Assyriology; as, Assyriological studies.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Unknown Benno Landsberger: A Biographical Sketch of an Assyriological Altmeister's Development, Exile, and Personal Life
Almost as if in a routine removal of stratigraphic levels of a Mesopotamian ruin mound, first organized campaigns, later supplemented by irregular excavations, returned, for European and North American Assyriological inspection, with text artifacts from Persian, neo-Babylonian, and neo-Assyrian settlements of the first millennium BC, then those of the second, third, and finally fourth millennium.
The transcriptions in the left column follow standard Assyriological practice for transcribing the original cuneiform.
He uses these to systematize ideas that already find expression in Assyriological writings, and to introduce new ones inspired by work in other disciplines.
The Assyriological concentration on Mesopotamia as the locus of biblical places, rather than biblical Israel, was part of a larger trend sometimes known as Panbabylonianism.
Assyriological research over the last few decades has nullified this thesis by finding in cuneiform texts not only the technique of prediction of great events in general, but also that of individual horoscopes, whose mathematical structure had convinced Auguste Bouche-Leclercq's generation that it derived from Greek astronomy.
(16.) See Tzvi Abusch, "Mourning the Death of a Friend: Some Assyriological Notes," in Gilgamesh: A Reader, ed.
There is little discussion here of the content of Goetze's scholarship, and we find a number of errors when it comes to Assyriological matters: J.
Some texts are accompanied by a transliteration and/or a version in Neo-Assyrian script, so students can learn the Neo-Assyrian cuneiform forms, which are of fundamental importance in using the sign list in the book, and most Assyriological sign lists generally.
Though the republication of the same group of texts only eleven years after Saggs' editio princeps may look unusual in Assyriological convention, Luukko's volume is full of merits, which justify his re-editing.
If a man builds a joyful house; Assyriological studies in honor of Erle Verdun Leichty.