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n.1.(Mining) An arch, or ceiling, of boards, placed over the men's heads in a mine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Examples of these studies can be referred to Astel et al.
The efficiency of the FDMs was similar to studies using the same statistic technique to differing chemical and physical properties of the soil in different environmental conditions (ZHANG et al., 2006; ASTEL, 2008; YE & WRIGHT, 2010).
They were the first to ban smoking on a university campus, at the University of Jena, presided by Karl Astel, a Nazi official who committed suicide before the Allies entered Berlin.
NNA - Report: Astel Sahyoun Translated by: Aline Aoun NNA - "Also and also ...
Located in the Silivri district, the plant will manufacture Canbebe branded hygiene products, the business which the Belgian company acquired from Turkish Astel Kagitcilik in 2000.
There are further 2 possible Germanic loans (astel 'thorn', perv 'bank') and 1 possible Baltic loan (lina 'linen').
The first modern, health based nationwide tobacco ban was imposed by the Nazi party in Germany (universities, post offices, military hospitals and Nazi party offices), under the auspices of Karl Astel's Institute for Tobacco Hazards Research, created in 1941 (30) major anti-tobacco campaigns were widely broadcasted by the Nazis until the demise of the regime in 1945 (31).
Para uma sistematizacao da historia da institucionalizacao da ransexualidade o espaco academico e hospitalar, ver Berenice BENTO, 2006; Pierre Henry ASTEL, 2001; e Jorge LEITE JUNIOR, 2011.
The two uniformed bobbies were really funny." Gordy Lund-Larsen said: "Got the DVD box set, cracking show, favourite character has to be Clarky." Naive PC Clark, played by Mark Stobbart, was the comic relief of the show and made a good double act with Sgt Rick Astel (Andrew Dunn).