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Noun1.Asterion - the craniometric point at the junction of the lamboid suture and the occipitomastoid suture and the parietomastoid sutureasterion - the craniometric point at the junction of the lamboid suture and the occipitomastoid suture and the parietomastoid suture
craniometric point - a landmark on the skull from which craniometric measurements can be taken
braincase, brainpan, cranium - the part of the skull that encloses the brain
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The guitarist has also performed as a duo with cellists Asterios Pouftis and Angelos Liakakis, and as a member of the Greek Ensemble of Contemporary Music, the Ergon Ensemble and the Ionian Festival Ensemble.
Caption: Figura 3 A pagina-dupla de Asterios Polyp nos mostra a relacao sequencial dos eventos mesmo sem uma estrutura modular mais comum nos comics.
Similar findings were observed in most of the studies; however Asterios et al (10) have found no statistically significant relation between DNS and prolonged duration of labour.
Asterios Chalkias has joined Frame Qatar as Strategic Planning Director.