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n.1.(Anat.) The smaller of the two otoliths found in the inner ear of many fishes.
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El oido interno contiene tres pares de otolitos, denominados Sagitta, Asteriscus y Lapilli.
Analysis of the otoliths of Sagitta, Asteriscus and Lapillus of Pacific Sierra Scomberomorus sierra (Pisces: Scombridae) in the coast of Colima Mexico.
2008); however the asteriscus is greater in ostariophysian fishes (Harvey et al.
Asteriscus hierochunticus), Plantago amplexicaulis, Senecio breviflorus (formerly considered S.
Validating and corroborating the deposition of two annual growth zones in asteriscus otoliths of common carp Cyprinus carpio from South Africa's largest impoundment.
The labyrinth includes three semicircular canals and three compartments: saculus, utriculus and lagena; each sac contains one otolith, the lapillus, the sagitta and the asteriscus, respectively (Morales-Nin 2000, Berra & Aday 2004, Popper et al.
Asteriscus maritimus native to the Mediterranean and Canary Islands.
2 Graphidaceae Crustaceo Lirelas Graphis tumidula Graphidaceae Crustaceo Lirelas Hemigrapha asteriscus Graphidaceae Crustaceo Lirelas Hemithecium cf.
Asteriscus otoliths, the only validated aging structure for common carp (Brown et al.