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Any of various extremely small bacteria of the genus Mycoplasma that lack cell walls, are usually nonmotile, and are often pathogenic or parasitic in mammals.

[New Latin genus name : myco- + plasma.]

my′co·plas′mal adj.
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(Microbiology) any prokaryotic microorganism of the genus Mycoplasma, some species of which cause disease (mycoplasmosis) in animals and humans
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(ˌmaɪ koʊˈplæz mə)

n., pl. -mas.
any of a group of very small microorganisms without cell walls, of the prokaryote class Mollicutes, that are a common cause of pneumonia and urinary tract infections.
[1955–60; < New Latin (1929), a genus; see myco-, plasma]
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Noun1.mycoplasma - any of a group of small parasitic bacteria that lack cell walls and can survive without oxygen; can cause pneumonia and urinary tract infection
eubacteria, eubacterium, true bacteria - a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
genus Mycoplasma - type and sole genus of the family Mycoplasmataceae
pleuropneumonialike organism, PPLO - a mycoplasma resistant to antibiotics that causes a kind of pneumonia in humans
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La categoria A (esfera), que en su mayoria agrupa algas mucilaginosas como Asterococcus sp.
State Akwaibom Rivers Stations AB RB RK CLASS CHLOROPHYCEAE Asterococcus sp -- -- -- Aulacoseira granulata var.
Aphanocapsa delicatissima West & West; Asterococcus sp.; * Coelosphaerium kuetzingianum Nageli ; Chrococcus turgidus (Kutz.) Nag; Eucapsis sp.; Microcvstis aeruginosa (Kutzing) Kutzing; * Snowella lacustris (Chodat) Komarek Total Biovolume 85.3 [mm.sup.3][L.sup.-1] Phytoplankton Diversity 3.99 FHIP= First Hydrodynamic Instability Period; HSP= Hydrodynamic Stability Period; SHIP= Second Hydrodynamic Instability Period; S-Surface; V-Volume).