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Noun1.Asteroidea - sea starsAsteroidea - sea stars        
Echinodermata, phylum Echinodermata - radially symmetrical marine invertebrates including e.g. starfish and sea urchins and sea cucumbers
sea star, starfish - echinoderms characterized by five arms extending from a central disk
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Sexual and asexual reproduction of Coscinasterias tenuispina (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
(rock S X crab) Pagurus beringanus N X X (Bering Hermit) S X X Echinodermata Asteroidea Luidia fotiolata N X X (Sand Star) S X X O X X Solaster spp.
Effect of low salinity on the activity, feeding, growth and absorption efficiency of Luidiaclathrata (Chinodermata: Asteroidea).
Class Asteroidea, star fish or sea star, is a marine invertebrate that occurs from intertidal to abyssal deep sea area of approximately 6000 m depth [1], which comprises approximately 1900 extant species classified into 36 families and nearly 370 extant genera.
2017 Biology of Incidental Catch Sea Star Stellaster childreni Gray, 1840 (Echinodermata: Asteroidea), from Malaysian Borneo Exclusive Economic Zone.
Research on Echinodermata developed in a northern fishing ground also showed significant differences between areas subjected to differential fishing effort; Asteroidea was significantly more abundant than Ophiuroidea and Echinoidea in more disturbed areas (Escolar & Bremec, in press).
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ASTEROIDEA was too bad to be true on her reappearance at Catterick so is worth another chance in the Marshall Glover Transport Solicitors Handicap at Beverley.