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n.1.(Paleon.) A genus of fishes, some of which were eighteen or twenty feet long, found in a fossil state in the Old Red Sandstone.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Roman, De Sautu, Deago, Hall, & Jefferson (2012) reported germination rates between 38% and 86% and for five species (Ceiba pentandra, Ochroma pyramidale, Pachira quinata, Pseudobombax septenatum, Quararibea asterolepis) growing in both dry and humid forest in Panama.
Uber die Placodermen-Gattungen Asterolepis und Tiaraspis aus dem Devon Belgiens und einen fraglichen Tiaraspis-rest aus dem Devon Spitzbergens.
Churchill-Dickson (2007) reviewed vertebrate records from the Silurian--Devonian of Maine, noting Silurian records of 'fish teeth' (probably conodonts) from the Edmunds Formation and acanthodian spines from the Ames Knob Formation, as well as Devonian placoderm remains ('Asterolepis') from the Chapman Sandstone.
Se caracterizaron por arboles de gran altura y diametros grandes (entre 5 y 150 cm de DAP), con especies como Guarea glabra, Mortoniodendron ocotense, Brosimum alicastrum, Quararibea asterolepis, Bravaisia integerrima y Nectandra salicifolia.
Richter W (1984) A structural approach to the function of buttresses of Quararibea asterolepis. Ecology 65: 1429-35.
Quararibea asterolepis is an outbreeder and Cavanillesia platanifolia is
Quararibea asterolepis had a successful fruit crop in 1970 and initiated a large crop in 1993; however, an outbreak of a defoliating caterpillar reduced the 1993 seed set dramatically (Wong et al.
The lowermost vertebrate-bearing layer (layers 7 and 8) yields rare isolated skeletal elements of the psammosteid Psammolepis sp., arthrodire Plourdosteus livonicus (Eastman), antiarch Asterolepis sp., acanthodian Haplacanthus sp., an unidentifiable dipnoan fish, as well as porolepiforms Glyptolepis sp.
not known M Guatteria dumetorum not known T Hasseltia floribunda 20 M Hirtella triandra not known M Hybanthus prunifolius 13 S Lacistema aggregatum 35.2 U Maquira costaricana not known M Mouriri myrtilloides 68-85 S Ocotea skutchii not known T Oenocarpus mapora not known M Ouratea lucens not known S Picramnia latifolia 57 U Piper cordulatum 3.12 S Poulsenia armata 75 T Pouteria unilocularis not known T Prioria copaifera 53.153 T Protium panamense 2.668 M Protium tenuifolium 84-1 300 M Psychotria horizontalis 6 S Pterocarpus rohrii 178 T Quararibea asterolepis 250 T Randia armata 104 U Rheedia edulis 289 M Rinorea sylvatica not known S Simarouba amara 219 T Sorocea affinis not known S Swartzia simplex v.