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A city of northwest Italy southeast of Turin. It is noted for its sparkling wines.


(Placename) a town in NW Italy: famous for its sparkling wine (Asti spumante (spuːˈmæntɪ)). Pop: 71 276 (2001)


(ˈɑ sti, ˈæs ti)

a city in the Piedmont region of Italy, S of Turin: center of wine-producing region. 76,950.
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They passed through the painted vineyards of Asti at the end of the grape-picking, and entered Ukiah drenched to the skin by the first winter rain.
The schools most likely to close are those heavily staffed by ASTI members or where principals or deputy principals are members of the union.
Located in the northern part of the Alexander Valley, the Asti Winery was established in 1881 by Italian immigrant Andrea Sbarboro.
Known then as Italian Swiss Colony, Asti Winery was communally owned by many local families, producing a variety of wines from numerous local vineyards.
Prior to being held in Asti, the exhibition was held in Rome, Catania, Lecce, and Florence.
The history of Asti is deeply rooted in the Middle Ages, when in the 10th-11th centuries the city was the seat of a strong episcopal power extended in surrounding areas; from the [12.
Asti, of Sao Paulo, struggled for years for a baby with carpenter husband Jose, 55, and first tried IVF at age 51.
This is what William Henry Asti is saying in The Chicken Came First: A Primer for Renewing and Sustaining Our Communities.
The energy consumption will drive the market in the future depending upon how rapidly the price of energy goes up," Asti said.
passion fruit puree splash of fresh lemon juice splash Martini & Rossi Asti lemon and orange twists (for garnish)
Parmalat has a fruit juice concentrate joint venture with a Cuban state company, Asti said.