Asti spumante

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As′ti spuman′te

(spuˈmɑn ti, -teɪ)
a sweet, sparkling Italian white wine with a muscat flavor.
Also, As′ti Spuman′te.
[< Italian: literally, effervescent Asti; see Asti, spume, -ant]
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Asti Spumante is a sparkling wine created with the moscato bianco grape.
If pretty bottles float your then Asti Spumante NV (PS9, 7% abv) from Marks & Spencer is a good option.
Asti Spumante PS5.29 75cl Asti - from the muscat grape - is much sweeter than champagne or prosecco.
The Allini Italian Asti Spumante, which costs [pounds sterling]3.49 per bottle also has a slightly lower alcohol content than wine - which means you can forgo a hangover the next morning.
A COUPLE OF SWEETIES | Martini Asti Spumante (PS7, until January 1, Tesco, 7.5% abv): When an Asti sparkler is made, the fermentation is stopped early so the wine is low alcohol and there's lots of sugar remaining in the grapes.
After dinner I remembered the Asti Spumante I had chilled.
The Science of Bubbles, when a bottle of asti spumante from Oddbins would have sufficed.
So why not all get together to thrash out some sort of party line over a crate of Asti Spumante and then get back to us - just so there's no confusion.
I was at a Christmas party a few years ago when the accumulation of an entire year's resentment bubbled up after a few swigs of Asti Spumante.
When making any sparkling wine, the key is the quality of the base wine that you begin with.A third method is known as the Asti method, used to make the very well-known Asti Spumante sparkling wine from Piedmont, Italy.
WATCHING this new series of fivestar shenanigans is like drowning, slowly, in a vat of Asti Spumante.
Menu includes Traditional Potato Gnocchi with simple, fresh tomato sauce; Roman Semolina Gnocchi With Brown Herb Butter; Roasted Beef Gnocchi in Mascarpone Cream; and Fresh Fruit in Asti Spumante. $47.50.