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a.1.Binding; astringent.
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The study followed the following objectives: (1) to describe the profile of Madaris existing within the territorial line of Zamboanga City; (2) to ascertain the perception of private Madrasah administration / proprieties astrictive and parents of Muslim children in DepEd Order 51 series of 2004; (3) to determine the programs of DepEd to support private madaris in adopting the standard private madrasah curriculum.
Content Outline: Introduction to Prehension Technology Automatic Prehension Impactive Mechanical Grippers Ingressive Grippers Astrictive Prehension Contigutive Prehension Miniature Grippers and Microgrippers Special Designs Hand Axes and Kinematics Separation Instrumentation and Control Tool Exchange and Reconfigurability Compliance Selected Case Studies