Astronomical time

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mean solar time reckoned by counting the hours continuously up to twenty-four from one noon to the next.

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Tenders are invited for Astronomical Time Switch Suitable For Street Lighting Applications With Din Rail Mounting 12/24 Hour Display Format, Sunrise/Sunset Or Twilight Rise/Set Trigger Modes As Per Enclosed Specifications.
In fact, it is the accepted astronomical time, while summer time is extraordinary.
The optical astronomical time-latitude residuals for a certain astrometric instrument are rest after deducting the effects of Earth rotation (rotational rate and polar motion) from the astronomical time and latitude observations determined by the optical astrometric instrument.
This dynamo effect means that celestial bodies can sustain magnetic fields through astronomical time scales because of the movement of the hot fluids in the core which can conduct electricity.
The first atomic clock included dividers that produced two output signals, a 50 Hz signal that drove an ordinary synchronous motor clock, and a 1000 Hz signal that was used to drive a special synchronous motor clock that was designed for comparisons with astronomical time (then the world standard for timekeeping) to within 5 ms.
"With the adoption of this bill Russians will begin to live according to astronomical time, as in nature," said Sergei Kalashnikov, chairman of the Duma Health Committee and one of the bill's authors.
All outdoor lighting must be controlled by a photocontrol or astronomical time switch that turns lights off when daylight is available.
"Today, time is constructed, defined and measured with atomic clocks that are infinitely more stable than astronomical time. This allows us to ensure that everyone on Earth is on the exact same time," the Telegraph quoted Noel Dimarcq, director of the SYRTE time-space reference system at the Paris Observatory as telling a foreign news agency.
"Once again, our list of monthly tie-in ideas is a diverse assembly of National and International observances," explains company spokesman Brian Geary, "beginning with the arrival of Atlantic Hurricane Season, the sobering remembrance of D-Day and finishing with the legendary Paul Bunyan Day." Some much needed cosmic housekeeping is also performed in June with the Leap Second Adjustment Day which coordinates atomic and astronomical time.
"One hundred million years to a human seems an awful long time, but in astronomical time periods, that's nothing compared to the life of the stars."
Their stars swarm like bees (on astronomical time scales), exchanging orbital energy until the energy is more or less evenly partitioned among them.
The study begins (Part I) with two chapters surveying the history and understanding of astronomical time and the political concept of revolution around 1800--schemes that were brought together by Rousseau, Diderot, and other thinkers of the period and exemplified by Holderlin in his poem 'Natur and Kunst oder Saturn and Jupiter'.

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