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 (ə-sto͝or′ē-əs, -styo͝or′-, äs-to͞o′ryäs)
A region and former kingdom of northwest Spain south of the Bay of Biscay. The original Iberian inhabitants were conquered by Rome in the first century bc.

As·tu′ri·an adj. & n.


(Placename) a region and former kingdom of NW Spain, consisting of a coastal plain and the Cantabrian Mountains: a Christian stronghold against the Moors (8th to 13th centuries); rich mineral resources


(Biography) Miguel Ángel. 1899–1974, Guatemalan novelist and poet. His novels include El Señor Presidente (1946). Nobel prize for literature 1967


(æˈstʊər i əs, æˈstyʊər-)

1. Miguel Ángel, 1899–1974, Guatemalan writer: Nobel prize 1967.
2. a former kingdom and province in NW Spain.


[æˈstʊərɪæs] NAsturias f
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The fact is, then, Senor Don Quixote, that though you see me seated in this chair, here in the middle of the kingdom of Aragon, and in the attire of a despised outcast duenna, I am from the Asturias of Oviedo, and of a family with which many of the best of the province are connected by blood; but my untoward fate and the improvidence of my parents, who, I know not how, were unseasonably reduced to poverty, brought me to the court of Madrid, where as a provision and to avoid greater misfortunes, my parents placed me as seamstress in the service of a lady of quality, and I would have you know that for hemming and sewing I have never been surpassed by any all my life.
The bull of the Asturias who has been but little moved by the attacks of the picador grows irritated with the dogs and banderilleras.
"By Saint James!" said he, "if ye fall this day ye fall by no mean hands, for the flower of the knighthood of Castile ride under the banner of Don Tello, with the chivalry of Asturias, Toledo, Leon, Cordova, Galicia, and Seville.
Tenders are invited for splinter supply to incorporate manure in the composting process that is carried out in the plant for the treatment of livestock waste from cabrales (principality of asturias)
DESDE nina, cuando llegaba el mes de junio, contaba los dias que quedaban para poder viajar a su Asturias natal y disfrutar del verano junto a la abuela Menchu y el abuelo Jose Luis.
Free Interpretation Category Winners: Ritual Presentation: 1st - Lanao del Norte; 2nd - Catbalogan City; 3rd - Dumagauete City; 4th - Lumad Basakanon; 5th - Municipality of Asturias;
UK-based telecommunications company Zegona Communications Plc has closed its acquisition of Spanish telecommunications operator Telecable de Asturias S.A.
De entre todas las novelas de Miguel Angel Asturias (1899-1974), Hombres de maiz (1949) es quiza la mas vituperada y mal comprendida, ya que, dada su complejidad estructural, su riqueza de elementos, su carencia de concesiones y su vision magica y onirica aunada a la denuncia social, muchos lectores piensan que se trata de una obra mal lograda o fallida.
To the north is a new public space, the Plaza Principe de Asturias, which is lower than San Bernardo, so the building can be at two levels on the Asturias side, with the lower one being devoted to workshops that can be amalgamated as a single space or used as three separate ones.
Harry Potter creator JK Rowling was awarded Spain's Prince of Asturias Concord Prize yesterday "for having helped children of all races and cultures to discover the joy of reading".
Assuming the Light: The Parisian Literary Apprenticeship of Miguel Angel Asturias. By STEPHEN HENIGHAN.
Uno de los reclamos de la familia del Premio Nobel de Literatura 1967, Miguel Angel Asturias --en el momento en que se celebra el centenario del natalicio del autor de Hombres de maiz-- consiste en lograr la repatriacion de los restos del escritor a su natal Guatemala.