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 (ə-sto͝or′ē-əs, -styo͝or′-, äs-to͞o′ryäs)
A region and former kingdom of northwest Spain south of the Bay of Biscay. The original Iberian inhabitants were conquered by Rome in the first century bc.

As·tu′ri·an adj. & n.
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(Placename) a region and former kingdom of NW Spain, consisting of a coastal plain and the Cantabrian Mountains: a Christian stronghold against the Moors (8th to 13th centuries); rich mineral resources


(Biography) Miguel Ángel. 1899–1974, Guatemalan novelist and poet. His novels include El Señor Presidente (1946). Nobel prize for literature 1967
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(æˈstʊər i əs, æˈstyʊər-)

1. Miguel Ángel, 1899–1974, Guatemalan writer: Nobel prize 1967.
2. a former kingdom and province in NW Spain.
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[æˈstʊərɪæs] NAsturias f
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In fact, there was such extensive experience within the occupied territories that multiple intelligence networks emerged: a number of "Resistance groups within France each had an intelligence network." (3) Subordinate resistance groups like the "Cohors Asturies, Centurie, Turma-Vengeance, and Fana...gathered and distributed information about the German Army and war production, as well as assisting in the rescue of Allied aircrews escaping through France." (4) This reality created a steady flow of actionable intelligence from different regions of France.
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