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n. Greek Mythology
The young son of Hector and Andromache, killed when the Greeks conquered Troy.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the young son of Hector and Andromache, who was hurled from the walls of Troy by the Greeks


(əˈstaɪ əˌnæks)
the young son of Hector and Andromache, killed by the victorious Greeks so that he would not grow up to avenge the Trojan defeat.
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So when he had fallen bloody death and hard fate seized on Astyanax.
Hector had named him Scamandrius, but the people called him Astyanax, for his father stood alone as chief guardian of Ilius.
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Andromache dropped the infant Astyanax from the tower of Troy in an act of mercy, to spare her and Hector's newborn from the brutalities and horrors of war.
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Likewise, the lambari Astyanax altiparanae (Garutti & Bristski, 2000) is also able to convert LNA into eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and DHA, and LA into arachidonic acid (AA) (GONCALVES et al.
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