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Noun1.Asura - earlier a god; later a demon; counterpart of Zoroastrian Ahura
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The Asura RGB lighting offers dynamic and customisable effects for the WASD and QWER key groups.
The movement is a little finicky and it took a little getting used to, so if you've come from playing Diablo, then Asura can be slightly disorienting, but only for a little while.
In literary-cultural terms, Naranappa's function in Samskara is comparable to the role played by the asuras (demons) in epic and Puranic lore.
In Asura Vivah the bridegroom paid bridal price to bride's father or her kinsmen and married the bride.
Pero pleitos aparte, tampoco lo tuvieron facil Loperena y Compania, que se enfrentaron, primero, a la guerra de 1719, que afecto a la zona y produjo destrucciones en la fabrica, y luego a las rebajas de precios que seguia imponiendo la Administracion; finalmente, los problemas les llegaron por el surgimiento de la competencia en las fabricas de Asura e iturbieta, lo que quito a Loperena el monopolio que de facto tenia en las municiones (61).
3) La tranquilidad que nace no de la libertad o lo autentico sino de la rutina diaria un dia cualquiera, por un breve instante, sufre la irrupcion del azar y, en el orden de las cosas cotidianas, aparece una insignificante profunda Asura.
19) Vybor z vlastnich prostredku financuje kulturni a nabozenske aktivity v Afghanistanu, jako je podpora oslav svatku Asura, (20) stavba siitskych mesit ci duchovnich skol a kulturnich center, vyuka farsi a arabstiny nebo tisk a distribuce Koranu.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 12, 2012-IA Global changes name to Asura Development Group Inc(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
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For example, fear could be the state of asura, hunger and yearning the state of peta, stupidity the state of tiryagyone, etc.
A mixture of colossal cut-scenes, confusing action and furious shooter sections may not be to every gamer's tastes, but it's a story unlike any other you'll have played through before, and Asura himself boasts enough spiky-haired charm and intrigue to keep you immersed in the madness.
Asura was a god but he was betrayed by the other gods.