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Noun1.Asura - earlier a god; later a demon; counterpart of Zoroastrian Ahura
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"Asura", a fantasy epic based on Tibetan mythology, was yanked from cinemas by producers after it brought in a meager 49.5 million yuan ($7.4 million) and received a lowly rating of 3.1 on the Chinese movie review site Douban.
The Asura RGB lighting offers dynamic and customisable effects for the WASD and QWER key groups.
The movement is a little finicky and it took a little getting used to, so if you've come from playing Diablo, then Asura can be slightly disorienting, but only for a little while.
"Asura" has finally been released, and it is now available for purchase on ( Steam , ( GOG and the ( Humble Store .
The Bhagavatisutra 13.6.492 mentions that Abhijit's rebirth as an asura takes place in hell (Agamodaya Samiti 1918-21: II.
Eventually, in these terms too, Naranappa justifies the asura analogy invoked earlier.
Saif added that "Asura", "Kovser", "Al-Zahra" and "Beytul Mugeddes" battalions will be participating in the drills.
When the expansion and upgrading work in Asura site is completed with collaboration of the Ethiopian government, the refugee camp will be able to host an estimated 3,000 Sudanese refugees who currently are living with host communities along the border.
Eight forms of marriage- Brahma, Daiva, Arsha, Prajapatya, Asura, Rakshasa, Paisacha, Gandharva, are recognised by the smiritis.