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Noun1.Asura - earlier a god; later a demon; counterpart of Zoroastrian Ahura
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A badly behaved male parliamentarian does not remind us of asuras or rakshasas because men politicians are not demonised".
In the Avesta Ahura Mazdah and his fellow ahuras are worshiped, while the daeuuas are considered as fallen gods or even demons, whereas in the later Vedic texts it is the devas that are worshiped and the asuras are the counter-gods or demons.
Missing bas-reliefs of the Kbal Spean site, as well as damaged heads of devas and asuras on the Angkor Thom gate where the legend of the "Churning of the Ocean of Milk" is depicted, have been painstakingly restored by skilled Artisans craftspeople working together with archaeologists, historians, engineers and government agencies.
YEARS AFTER the Asuras had defeated the Devas in Hindu mythology, the two warring groups decided to work together for a millennium, to churn out the nectar of immortality from the Ocean of Milk.
The Buddha, the Blessed One, was honoured, praised, respected and worshipped by kings, ministers, the wealthy, city dwellers, merchants, caravan leaders, devas, nagas, yaksas, asuras, garudas, kinnaras and mahoragas--that is to say, revered by devas, nagas, yaksas, asuras, garudas, kinnaras and mahoragas--the Buddha, the Blessed One, the Illustrious One (jnato), (29) the Greatly Meritorious One, [while] residing in the Kutagara Hall by the shore of the Markatahradatira, in dependence [for alms] on [the city of] Vaisali, together with his community of disciples, obtained supplies of robes, alms bowls, beds, seats and medicines for the sick.
Dios y Lucifer, Devas y asuras, dioses del olimpo y titanes, avatares o disfraces de una misma realidad, donde los seres humanos se encuentran como el joven que "esta aprendiendo" en la novela de Mark Twain El forastero misterioso, o como se proclama en tantos mitos donde siempre hay un dios civilizador o filantropo, como el sumerio Enki o el referido Prometeo.
He added, They contemptuously called Ravanan and Tamils as Asuras (A+Suras in Tamil means teetotalers), Rakhshasas (Protectors of the Tamils' faith, culture and the way of life) and Yakshas (erroneously interpreted as demons in the Pali by Buddhists chronicles but were a race of human beings and were called Iyakkar - Archers, the ones who uses bow and arrows, in Tamil) because of their strength and courage, valor and for the supernatural powers ascribed on them.
In literary-cultural terms, Naranappa's function in Samskara is comparable to the role played by the asuras (demons) in epic and Puranic lore.
La ausencia de mecanismos de transicion entre un sistema de participacion y otro ha generado, ademas, disputas y Asuras entre las organizaciones de victimas, los representantes y los voceros.
They can be compared to the mythological asuras in the Vedas whose society was also matrilineal.
Por otro lado, Derrida tambien cree percibir ciertas Asuras en la lectura levinasiana de Husserl y Heidegger.
La apariencia clinica de los dientes afectados es atipica con surcos y Asuras, hipoplasico e hipocalcificado.