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Noun1.Asvins - (literally `possessing horses' in Sanskrit) in Hinduism the twin chariot warriors conveying Surya
Sanskrit, Sanskritic language - (Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism); an official language of India although it is now used only for religious purposes
Hindu deity - a deity worshipped by the Hindus
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l and l: the Asvins, white and red, destroy fever, e: Virabhadra, yellow, grants all aims.
Erguido en el vuelo, desde ahi, de la gran cima, el halcon cargo [el soma] como [los Asvins cargaron] a Bhujyu desde el mundo de Indra.
Wilkins 1998: 23 y ss): (a) dioses del fuego (Agni), (b) dioses de la luz (Surya, junto con Pusan, Mitra-Varuna, los Asvins y Usas), y (c) dioses de la tormenta (Indra, junto con Indrani, Parjanya, Vayu y los Maruts).
One relates the story of how the mare Vispata lost a foot in battle, and the Asvins (the name of the divine twins in the Rig Veda) appeared and replaced the stricken limb with an iron foot.
From Daksa, the two divine physicians, the Asvins, got the teachings in their entirety, and finally the Asvins transmitted the full teachings as taught by Brahma to Indra.
Among his allies are the Rudras (or Maruts), who ride the clouds and direct storms; the Asvins, twin horsemen; and Vishnu, who later evolved into one of the three principal gods of Hinduism.
The connection between the Dioscuri and the Asvins is emphasised by Burkert, op.
Los dioses indios no participan ocasionalmente en las batallas, sino que han encarnado en los heroes: Yudhisthira es Dharma (orden); Bhima, Vayu (viento); Arjuna, Indra (rey de los dioses); los gemelos Nakula y Sahadeva, los Asvins (semejantes a los Dioscuros).
Por otra parte, el titulo de esta upanisad, a saber, Atharvasirsa, o "Cabeza de Atharvan", podria sugerir alguna conexion con el relato narrado en la Brhadaranyaka upanisad, acerca de la doctrina de la inmortalidad y las cosas mutuamente provechosas, que le fuera declarada a los Asvins por el vidente Dadhyac, versado en el Atharva Veda.
(109) In the Brhaddevata VII 6cd (similar Mahabharata XII 201,17ab) we find a tradition that Nasatya and Dasra (110) are known as the two Asvins. (111) The dual nasatya (RV I 173,4) refers to Nasatya and his twin.
For Vedicists and historical linguists this publication contains demonstrations of how interesting dozens of RV hymns are which have not found their way into anthologies or which have been neglected because they have been judged too obscure in content or difficult to construe syntactically (e.g., the hymns to Indra, II.11, II.13, II.15, which have been eclipsed by the popularity of II.12 with the refrain "he, o peoples, is Indra," or the difficult but linguistically interesting I.46 to the Asvins, or the puzzling VI.48 in several lyric meters which includes three mysterious stanzas whispered to the god Pusan).
RV 4.43 is a hymn to the Asvins. In it we learn first that Surya had chosen the chariot of the divine twins (2cd: ratham ...