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(æˈsjuːt) or


(Placename) an ancient city in central Egypt, on the Nile. Pop: 417 000 (2005 est). Ancient Greek name: Lycopolis



a city in central Egypt, on the Nile. 291,300.
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Thales, a global technology giant in the aerospace and transport sector, has been awarded a three-year contract by Egypt National Railways (ENR), for the modernisation of signalling and telecommunication systems, and all the works related to a 180km section of line between the towns of Asyut and Nagh Hammadi in Upper Egypt, part of the Alexandria-Cairo-Aswan rail corridor.
Egyptian National Railways has offered a 3-year contract to Thales to upgrade signalling and telecoms on the 180 km Asyut Nagaa Hammadi section of the Cairo Aswan corridor.
The Papyrus Jumilhac and other ancient texts refer to such a tomb, she says, and since 2008 the burial site can also be identified archaeologically as the Tomb of the Dogs, situated on the Gebel Asyut al-gharbi to the west of the modern city of Asyut.
Engineer Abdullah graduated from Asyut University of Egypt in 1986, specializing in Petroleum Geology.
Asyut, Hurghada and Kom Ombo are cities in which country?
None of the schools in the village have a library; if a student needs further information or to do research, he would have to travel for two hours in order to reach to the nearest library in Asyut," Attia explained.
Asyut Refinery, in Upper Egypt, is run by EGPC's Asyut Oil Refining Co.
Chapters two and three discuss the Fowler Orphanage, which American Presbyterians operated in Cairo, and the orphanage which American Pentecostal Lillian Trasher founded in the southern town of Asyut.
The court in the southern city of Asyut sentenced 108 people in absentia to life in prison, meaning 25 years behind bars.
The Egyptian woman, who also was in the Kingdom for Umrah, was heading back to Asyut on Flynas, but died shortly after boarding the aircraft before departure.
In January 2015 the company also signed a contract to modernise the signalling systems on Egypt's regional railway line from Beni Suef to Asyut.
The final programme on January 25 will see him arriving in the last country of his journey, Egypt, following the Nile from Abu Simbel to Cairo, visiting Lake Aswan, Luxor, Nag Hammadi and Asyut along the way.