At midday

At midday 
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To-day, however, is the thirty-first of May, and he has not been yet, and to-morrow, at midday, the payment falls due; if, therefore, I don't pay to-morrow, those gentlemen can, by the terms of the contract, break off the bargain; I shall be stripped of everything; I shall have worked for three years, and given two hundred and fifty thousand francs for nothing, absolutely for nothing at all, dear M.
"At midday to-morrow I shall be pleased to receive you," he said.
At midday the father turned to his small son and said,
At midday the Russian baggage train, the artillery, and columns of troops were defiling through the town of Enns on both sides of the bridge.
"The sun of knowledge stands once more at midday; and the serpent of eternity lies coiled in its light--: It is YOUR time, ye midday brethren."
"I am extremely sorry; but I knew there was a coach from your part of the country at midday, and I thought you would come by that one.
PARIS, May 7 (KUNA) -- Voter tunrout Sunday dropped slighty at midday in France's second-round presidential election when compared with the first round vote on April 23, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.
The annual Festival Parade gets under way at midday.
Every time I have hunted that location since, bucks have come in at midday to drink from that puddle.
At midday the stock rebounded slightly but was still down 76 cents, or 1.64%, from its opening to $45.99.