At night

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At night   
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Thus, they could not understand his excessive somnolence in the forenoon, nor his excessive activity at night. When they found him wandering along the hallways at night, or climbing over giddy roofs, or running in the hills, they decided he was a somnambulist.
And for many a day the young lady, scared at least out of a portion of her young ladyhood, bore on her arms and shoulders and wrists divers black-and-blue bruises--tokens of caresses which he had bestowed in all fond gentleness but too late at night. There was the mistake.
And to go out of the way of all who sleep badly and keep awake at night!
It was past seven o'clock at night when the grand- mother came home with the pocket-book held tightly in her old hands and she was so excited she could scarcely speak.
As in the city in the houses of prostitu- tion and with the rowdy boys running through the streets at night, so in Winesburg among its citizens he had always the power to be a part of and yet distinctly apart from the life about him.
He fell in love with Helen White, daughter of the man for whom he had worked, and found himself think- ing of her at night.
When I told Herbert what had passed within the house, he was for our immediately going before a magistrate in the town, late at night as it was, and getting out a warrant.
Get Report Sample copy @ Propelled by army's need to employ advanced night vision technology to enable superlative night vision and flexibility in operations at night, US Army is all set to introduce new and refurbished night vision tool, Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) to diversify soldier performance amidst grueling working environments, with the aid of bidirectional goggles with advanced thermal layer view.
"Night Sight is designed to capture true-to-life photos, adapting to the various lighting conditions you'll see at night. Using machine learning, Night Sight balances the color of your photo so that objects show their natural color at night," Google said.
But when you become an adult, you may not be sleeping at night. You may be working.