At one's peril

with risk or danger to one; at the hazard of.
- Shak.

See also: Peril

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With no entrance fees and no space, the path is so crowded that it sometimes feels like a fast-spinning hamster wheel that one enters and exits at one's peril.
Politics, however, is everyone's business, which is why any discussion of it proceeds at one's peril.
The quotas remain the "third rail" of Indian politics; one touches it at one's peril.
And the anti-Rhodes campaign is just the tip of an iceberg that has been stealthily growing over recent years and has long been rampant in American universities where one opens one's mouth at one's peril.
The lessons of history can be ignored only at one's peril -- the market crash/correction must happen.
Advocates accurately point out that social media are a tool that is ignored at one's peril.
It's one thing to think in terms of passive recreational use, but one does so at one's peril.
All rulers can be arbitrary, but in the Arab world, if there is a strong consensus on a given issue, ignoring it entirely can be done only at one's peril.
The characteristic West African high life rhythms of King Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti (the Chief had drummed for Kuti) have a certain completeness one messes with at one's peril.
HE HAS only one throw of the dice this season, but Henry Cecil is enjoying something of a renaissance this year, and so one underestimates his Ribblesdale Stakes runner Novellara at one's peril.
One ignores Spenser's use of Neoplatonism at one's peril.
Tucked away in the Berlinale's Panorama section, this entertaining and instructive look at how one ignores the basic rules of big-budget filmmaking at one's peril gathered good word-of-mouth at the fest, and looks likely to have a long career both on the circuit and in TV slots, with some limited theatrical exposure also in the cards.