At one's peril

with risk or danger to one; at the hazard of.
- Shak.

See also: Peril

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One tinkers with the mighty John Dobson at one's peril, of course, but his beautiful 1850 creation must now serve a 21st Century network.
One can walk downwind of them only at one's peril, and the regrettable incident is not easily forgotten by those with ultra-sensitive olfactory sense.
With no entrance fees and no space, the path is so crowded that it sometimes feels like a fast-spinning hamster wheel that one enters and exits at one's peril. But the park is more than a window into people's daily lives; for the government, it is once again a way to increase its legitimacy.
Politics, however, is everyone's business, which is why any discussion of it proceeds at one's peril. Blue or red, left or right, green or monetarist Marxist nihilist (I made that up), politics affects all of us because we all live together in a society which is governed by the presiding party's laws.
The quotas remain the "third rail" of Indian politics; one touches it at one's peril. Yet Dalits feel only marginally better off than their wretched forebears.
And the anti-Rhodes campaign is just the tip of an iceberg that has been stealthily growing over recent years and has long been rampant in American universities where one opens one's mouth at one's peril.
The lessons of history can be ignored only at one's peril -- the market crash/correction must happen.
Advocates accurately point out that social media are a tool that is ignored at one's peril. But what is urgently needed today is an understanding that diplomacy is not only about shouting from the rooftops and communicating with the general public.
"It's one thing to think in terms of passive recreational use, but one does so at one's peril. At any time active rail service could be re-established if economic conditions warrant, and any encroachment on the railroad right-of-way, no matter what it is, could be bulldozed out of the way, swept aside, no questions asked," Mr.
Now one assumes that at one's peril! Instinctively we have to be more vigilant and interrogate information more carefully.
There are some doors one opens at one's peril. And at first glance it might seem pounds 98K in 33 months is not such an awful lot for a building which cost pounds 67m, and which is open to the public.
All rulers can be arbitrary, but in the Arab world, if there is a strong consensus on a given issue, ignoring it entirely can be done only at one's peril.