At the beginning of June

At the beginning of June   
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At the beginning of June, 28 regional programs will be launched, reported NOVA TV.
At the beginning of June, 28 regional employment programs will be launched in all areas of Bulgaria.
If the election took place at the beginning of June, the opposition party Sme Rodina would have 8.1 percent support, which is 1.
Seemingly indifferent to both the world's anticipation and skepticism, Broad Group CEO Zhang Yue, spoke at the beginning of June at the Fortune Global Forum without mentioning any further details on the scheduling.
The volumes concerned in this latest operation to absorb surpluses bear no comparison with those approved at the beginning of June for France and Italy.
At the beginning of June, Mack-Cali announced the $53.6 million purchase of a suburban Boston portfolio of office buildings, a market the company has long sought to enter.
FREE taster sessions are being held at a golf club in Meriden, near Coventry, at the beginning of June.
The X-ray signals peaked at the beginning of June and are now starting to fade.