At the last

At the end; in the conclusion.
- Motley.

See also: Last

References in classic literature ?
We are now, reader, arrived at the last stage of our long journey.
To Tarzan's memory came a similar scene, when he had rescued D'Arnot from a like predicament at the last moment before the final spear-thrust should have ended his sufferings.
And by ten o'clock we were quit of Genoa; the last lean, blue-chinned official had left our decks; the last fruitseller had been beaten off with bucketsful of water and left cursing us from his boat; the last passenger had come aboard at the last moment--a fussy graybeard who kept the big ship waiting while he haggled with his boatman over half a lira.
A pioneer in selling and marketing online travel, Last Minute Travel allows travelers to find the best deals at the last possible moment, as hotel rates can change every second.
Wanting to avoid triggering a so-called luxury tax, Buss let Horace Grant, Tyronn Lue and Ron Harper depart, and then in an embarrassing moment for the franchise, at the last moment cut and re-signed Brian Shaw to a lower salary.