At three o'clock

At three o'clock   
References in classic literature ?
But at three o'clock he shook out the reins over the trotters and turned into the by-roads leading to Portsmouth.
At three o'clock one met little girls in white dresses and little boys in the round-collared shirts of the time, hurrying along the sidewalk on their way to the tent.
I said I did not take any interest in islands at three o'clock in the morning.
At three o'clock she too went away, promising to come to dinner.
To-morrow,' he says, 'we will start at three o'clock.
consideration, that Miss Pross and Jerry, who were at liberty to leave the city, should leave it at three o'clock in the lightest- wheeled conveyance known to that period.
The next day at three o'clock we were again at the door, and the footmen as before; we heard the silk dress rustle and the lady came down the steps, and in an imperious voice she said, "York, you must put those horses' heads higher; they are not fit to be seen.
When he arrived home at three o'clock he was looking as white as a sheet, and his lips were quivering.
But even when the East wind came, at three o'clock that afternoon, the dog could not catch the smell of snuff.
I will summon the Court to meet in the Throne Room at three o'clock," replied Ozma.
I can remember that in daytime, but at three o'clock at night I never can be logical.
After twice being delayed on the road, we arrived in London at three o'clock on the afternoon of the last day of the month.