At unity

at one.

See also: Unity

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Attempts at unity were made as early as 1827 when certain Baptist churches combined their resources to engage in home missionary activity.
Fellow church member Steve Colf enjoys the convivial, family feel at Unity Church of Santa Clarita.
THOUSAND OAKS - Out with the bad, in with the good is the purpose behind Sunday's annual Burning Bowl Ceremony at Unity Center Church.
As I have come to know the physicians and staff at Unity, my respect and admiration for their work has only grown.
In the coming months Unity Wireless intends to launch additional point-to-point products that should give our customers and distributors more choice in selecting the right point-to-point radio solution for their application," commented James Carruthers, Vice President of Marketing at Unity Wireless.
James Carruthers, Director of Marketing at Unity Wireless stated, "Having initiated projects with several network operators and strategic partners in Europe over the last year, we have received a great deal of interest from existing and potential customers in EMEA markets in recent months and felt the timing was right to establish a presence in the region.
ikaSystems' technology is the most comprehensive, intuitive, and affordable solution to our business automation needs," says Gail Midlikowski, Vice President of Operations at Unity.
The combination of our patent backed phosphor compositions and the impressive technologies at Unity Opto will be the foundation of another key relationship on the road to transforming the industry," added Stroh.
Notwithstanding these challenges, in my two years here at Unity Wireless, I have never been more confident that we can overcome any challenge presented, and are on the right path to take a significant role in the wireless industry.