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on the same level; - said of the crossing of a railroad with another railroad or a highway, when they are on the same level at the point of crossing.

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Works involved in the project include transforming the existing Alba Roundabout into a 3 level interchange that consists of a traffic signal controlled at-grade intersection, a flyover with 3 lanes on each direction; carrying traffic along Estiqlal Highway and King Hamad Highway, another one-way flyover with 2 lanes carrying traffic coming from Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Highway towards King Hamad Highway.
Completed in November 2005, the work included replacement of a traffic circle with an at-grade intersection, and construction of a 1-mile span of highway with three bridges along the Fore River.
The at-grade intersection will be controlled by traffic signals that allow traffic to circulate from and to Mina Salman Industrial Area through Avenue 42, Al Fateh Highway and Sh.
The DLT is an at-grade intersection that is intended for areas where there is a large volume of left turns and heavy through volume.
Intersections, by their nature, easily become traffic bottlenecks and conflict areas, but the capacity of an interchange with full access control is more than twice that of an at-grade intersection.
As a result, volumes are beyond the capacity of the existing at-grade intersection, and the area routinely experience significant congestion and traffic delays.
the length of the construction route is 800 m including ancillary facilities and includes an at-grade intersection as a roundabout with lines of existing streets and the relocation of the county road k 8333 at 300 m.
A Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) is an at-grade intersection concept that moves the left turning vehicles, conflicting with the opposing through movement, away from the main intersection.
The at-grade intersection is part of the Tower 55 Multimodal Improvement project.
It also includes improving at-grade intersections and constructing a service road.