Atacama Trench

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Noun1.Atacama Trench - a depression in the floor of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile
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Using two full ocean-depth capable landers equipped with HD cameras and traps, the Newcastle team have been able to explore the deep sea, discovering three new species of snailfish in the Atacama Trench.
Linley and team, which included as many as 40 scientists from 17 different countries, found the elusive fishes while exploring the depths of the Atacama Trench in the eastern Pacific Ocean, some 160km off the coast of Peru and Chile.
Involving a team of 40 scientists from 17 different nations, including Dr Alan Jamieson and Dr Thomas Linley from Newcastle University, UK, the expedition to the Atacama Trench has uncovered a wealth of information about life in one of the deepest places on earth.