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 (ä′tə-wäl′pə) also A·ta·ba·li·pa (-bä′lĭ-pä′) 1502?-1533.
Last independent Incan emperor (1532-1533), who defeated his half-brother Huáscar (1532) and briefly reunited the empire after years of civil war. He was captured by the Spaniards, convicted of plotting against Pizarro, and executed by garrote despite his agreement to a vast ransom.


(ˌætəˈwɑːlpə) or


(Biography) ?1500–33, the last Inca emperor of Peru (1525–33), who was put to death by the Spanish under Pizarro


(ˌɑ təˈwɑl pə)

also Atabalipa

c1500–33, last Incan king of Peru (son of Huayna Capac).
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An Inca princess, Isabel was related to both of the two last Inca rulers, the Inca Huascar and Atahuallpa.
Why Emperors Montezuma or Atahuallpa did not lead the Aztecs or Incas to conquer Europe?
The capture of the Inca Emperor Atahuallpa in Cajamarca in 1532 is treated properly as the successful implementation of a common Spanish ploy, not as a brilliant or last-hope measure, which is how some other chroniclers regard it.