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Government officials and sporting stars turned out at the Anthropological Museum of Contemporary Art in Guayaquil, while at the Olympic Stadium in Atahualpa, some 5,000 fans gathered to cheer their man on.
El mas recurrente traductor es Felipillo, lengua de Atahualpa y Pizarro.
It's a super, happy day!" Atahualpa Castillo, 32, who has lived in Cardiff for six months, said it was his first time attending a Pride event in the UK.
Its "roots can even be traced to the 1532 precolonial Indian war for the control of the Inca Empire between Quiteno Atahualpa (now Ecuador) and Cusqueno Huascar (now Peru)." Several armed conflicts to have already erupted -- the most recent of which was just in 1995, three years prior his assumption of office.
1532: Atahualpa accepts an invitation to dinner The Inca Emperor and his 80,000 men felt no threat from Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and his 180 troops.
Here, we aimed to assess the relationship between ELC and abnormal ABI determinations in community-dwelling older adults living in rural Ecuador (Atahualpa).
Using the Atahualpa Project cohort, we aimed at describing the percentage and the reasons for declining consent of participants from this population-based cohort study conducted in a rural Ecuadorian village.
The eyes of the football world will turn to Quito's Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa to see if the once unthinkable prospect of a World Cup without Messi is to become a stunning reality.
Argentina have not won away to altitude-specialists Ecuador since 2001, losing on two of their last three visits to the Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa, which is 2,782 metres above sea level.