v. t.1.To overtake.
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Nagpapanic mode na yata ang mga nasa likod ng walang humpay na atake laban kay CJ at kung ano-ano na ang ini-imbento at iimbentuhin para gipitin at pwersahin na mag-resign o patahimikin si CJ sa kanyang kritikal na mga tindig laban sa mga kontra mamamayan na polisiya ng administrasyon,' he added.
I think sya ang may problema sa akin kasi sya naman nagsisimula na mag atake sa akin.
The In Wire Dumber; And Dumb Mail; Got You've Stop; Stop Stop Minute; ATake 1 YOURS INITIALLY Sullivan.
General Manager External & Government Affairs, Addax Petroleum, Dorothy Atake, said, "Our future in Nigeria remains very bright.
Recientemente se presento en el Teatro Ocampo de la ciudad de Cuernavaca el disco Morelos al atake, 55 anos de rock morelense, recopilacion que incluye 642 temas de casi todas las vertientes del genero grabados en el estado de Morelos entre 1961 y 2016.
GILLIAN TREMAYNE, BY EMAIL ATAKE stem cuttings rooted in a welldrained mix or in water, moving them to compost when they've made decent roots.
TERRY MARSHALL, BY EMAIL - GILLIAN TREMAYNE, BY EMAIL aTake ATHEORETICALLY, yes - they should grow unless they've been treated (heaven forbid) with sprout suppressant.
Baldini called for the European Union has to intervene and atake concrete action to protect basic human rights within its borders.
aTake them on a journey and match it to every single experience on that property,a she said.
Sherry Lister ATAKE your complaint to Ombudsman Services, the scheme that deals with the energy sector.
Together with Atake Tynai uulu, he led the liberation struggle against Oirot-Jungar conquerors.
2, the device has a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a bunch of interesting shooting modes such as 'Sound & shot' - which allows you to record nine seconds of sound after you have snapped your However, while the S4 is truly atake one shot using both the cameras, and 'Animated photo' - using which you can animate and/or freeze parts of a picture.