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(ˌætəˈræksɪə) or


(Medicine) calmness or peace of mind; emotional tranquillity
[C17: from Greek: serenity, from ataraktos undisturbed, from a-11 + tarassein to trouble]
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(ˌæt əˈræk si ə)

also at′a•rax′y,

a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.
[1595–1605; < Latin < Greek: calmness <a- a-6 + taraktós, v. adj. of tarássein to disturb]
at`a•rac′tic (-tɪk) at`a•rax′ic, adj., n.
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a state of tranquility free from anxiety and emotional disturbance. — ataractic, ataraxic, adj.
See also: Happiness
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Noun1.ataraxia - peace of mindataraxia - peace of mind        
serenity, tranquility, placidity, tranquillity, repose, quiet - a disposition free from stress or emotion
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, ataraxy
n. ataraxia; impasividad.
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Suppose another bad philosopher starts saying that eudaimonia is ataraxy, then argues that one should be undisturbed by mundane needs, ending with the ultimate conclusion that one should not be generous (as being generous implies disturbance with other people's needs or poverty and, thus, spoils ataraxy).
(47) In his study on the concept of onesta in the Decameron, Cherchi appropriately emphasizes Griselda's suffering--he quotes all the passages where her suffering is mentioned (99n81)--and interprets it from the viewpoint of absolute tolerance and patience, while suggesting a term to describe her attitude, namely, ataraxy: "A me sembra che la purezza, il disinteresse del suo agire, quella sua incredibile pazienza abbia un nome, e che questo puo essere soltanto 'atarassia' nella versione di 'apatia', nome con il quale gli Stoici definivano il dominio sulle passioni, anche sulle piu potenti quale puo esserlo l'amore materno" (89).