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(əˈtɪər i ən)

of or indicating a Middle Paleolithic industry of NW Africa and the Sahara, characterized by the production of various tanged and bifacially worked leaf-shaped points.
[1925–30; < French atérien, after the type-site, Bir el Ater, Algeria; see -ian]
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26 July 2017 - An affiliate of New York, US-based private equity firm Aterian Investment Partners has acquired graphite materials supply firm GrafTech International Holdings, Inc's Advanced Energy Technologies, LLC division, the company said.
Aterian Investment Partners has announced a strategic partnership with Avon, Ohio-based Zephyr Solutions LLC, the company said.
The company was acquired by an unnamed affiliate of Aterian Investment Partners.
OSL Dating of the Aterian Levels at Dar es-Soltan I (Rabat, Morocco) and Implications for the Dispersal of Modern Homo sapiens," Quaternary Science Reviews 28, no.
North African tools from that time usually get sorted into any of three stone tool industries: the Aterian, the Mousterian and the Nubian Complex.
Artek Surfin and Aterian Investment Partners, currently joint owners of Galata Chemicals, have reached a definitive agreement whereby Artek Surfin will acquire Aterian's shares in Galata Chemicals.
Palaeoenvironments, the spread of Aterian peoples, and late Palaeolithic people in Nubia and Upper Egypt are among the topics.
The fingernail-size shells, already known from 82,000-year-old Aterian deposits in the cave, have now been found in even earlier layers.
S+A ATERIAN, a culture of northern Africa -T+A ANSARIE, member of a religious sect of northern Syria -T+B ABRINES, a toxic amino acid obtained from jequirity -A+I TIERS-IN, textile workers who tie in new threads -E+I INTARSI, types of mosaic -T+U ANURIES, absences of tails -S+V AVERTIN, a trademark used for an anesthetic -E+W RITWANS, Indians of northern California -T+W NEWARIS, languages of Nepal -E+Y NRITYAS, dances of southern India -S+Z RETZINA, a variant of retsina, a Greek wine
An Aterian Investment Partners affiliate has acquired Step2, a North American-branded toy manufacturer, the company said.
Aterian Investment Partners declared that one of its affiliates has taken over Johnstown Wire Technologies, Inc.