Athabasca River

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Ath·a·bas·ca River

A river rising in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Alberta, Canada, and flowing about 1,230 km (765 mi) east and north to Lake Athabasca on the border of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The river and lake are important constituents of the Mackenzie River system.
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The releases went into tributaries of the Athabasca River, including the Erith River portions, which are identified by the Government of Alberta as ecologically significant habitat for Athabasca rainbow trout, a species at risk.
A second coal-mining company in four months is being hit with a seven-figure penalty for polluting incidents that impacted fish in tributaries of the Athabasca River east of Jasper National Park in Alberta, according to The Globe and Mail.
On October 31, 2013, a dike that was holding back a large volume of waste water at the Obed Mountain mine failed, resulting in more than 670 million liters of contaminated water and sediment (made up of coal, clay and sand) spilling into the Apetowun Creek and Plante Creek and ad ditionally impacting the Athabasca River.
For the first time in the history of the country, people are going away beyond the survey and squatting on lands out along the Athabasca river and as far away as the Peace.
The fire devoured a few buildings on the Brewers' favourite golf course, which sits in the bend of the Athabasca River.
An example is from the Athabasca River at Jasper, which is fed by glaciers and by summer rainfall.
3 miles of 42-inch heavy wall natural gas pipeline on the Greater Toronto Area gas distribution project, and completed a record-setting 7,200-foot installation of a 42-inch pipe under the Athabasca River near Fort MacKay, Alberta.
Firefighters were yesterday working to protect critical infrastructure, including the only bridge across the Athabasca River and Highway 63, the only route to the city from the south.
I call them Athabasca River Pilgrimages to convey this deeper dimension of 'being with' the river in its journey at various stages," she said.
Michels used horizontal directional drilling (HDD) beneath the Athabasca River on Nov.
In the face of concerning studies predicting an impending water crisis in the Athabasca River Basin, the Natural Resources Defense Council is calling for the Alberta government to re-evaluate the water use licenses granted to the tar sands industry.
The Alberta Energy Regulator has restricted water withdrawals from the Athabasca River and other water bodies under temporary diversion licences by oil and gas operators because of low flows.