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(ˌæθəˈbæskə) or


1. (Placename) Lake Athabaska a lake in W Canada, in NW Saskatchewan and NE Alberta. Area: about 7770 sq km (3000 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a river in W Canada, rising in the Rocky Mountains and flowing northeast to Lake Athabaska. Length: 1230 km (765 miles)
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(ˌæθ əˈbæs kə)

1. Lake, a lake in W Canada, in NW Saskatchewan and NE Alberta. ab. 200 mi. (320 km) long; ab. 3000 sq. mi. (7800 sq. km).
2. a river in W Canada flowing NE from W Alberta to Lake Athabaska. 765 mi. (1230 km) long.
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Weeks earlier, as the vessel's commanding officer, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for Haida's sinking of German Torpedo boat T-27 and her heroic role in lingering to rescue survivors of its sister ship, HMCS Athabaska. (PO GUYGOULET, DND, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA, PA-134298)
Her internal language flows between the "Athabaska River" and her "Mum" with metaphor, rhythmic repetition, and parallelism.
The newspaper noted that the Vegreville riding "showed a majority of 'no' votes and in Athabaska [sic] the vote was about even." In the former, it added, the "margin for the 'No' vote was 3-2," while in the Athabasca riding the "'No' has a six vote lead out of more than 8,000 ballots." (45) More details were given about the results nationwide, and in the province specifically, elsewhere in the 28 April 1942 issue of the newspaper and in the edition published the next day.
For almost one hundred years scholars believed that the Chipewyan/Dene, had lived in the boreal forests of the Lake Athabaska and Churchill River regions prior to being pushed northwards by the Cree sometime before contact.
The new Keystone project would be dedicated to piping crude from the Athabaska tar sands project through Cushing to Port Arthur, Texas.
To remember the day in 1788 when Alexander Mackenzie set out from Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabaska in search of a route to the West Coast.
In the next chapter, Lake Athabaska, on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, has become a winter road, the ice so thick it will bear a truck.
Connolly concerned the validity, in Lower Canada, of a mariage a la facon du pays conducted under Cree custom in the Athabaska Country, between European fur trader William Connolly and Susanne, the stepdaughter of a Cree chief.