v. t.1.To repent; to displease; to disgust.
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It's not just the internet users who athink Jenkins' friends might be guilty.
ATHINK tank has defended plans to turn the North of England into a "free trade zone", following claims it would lead to low wages and worse working conditions.
Athink I see (15) the horns beginnin' tae sproot on yer heid a'ready, min.
Rabbi Aviner says, aThink what we could do if the world were not against us.
SPL bosses demanded a more positive spin be put on their product when they had aThink Tank session with several managers, McGhee included, at Hampden last week.
ATHINK of the benefits - better heart function and circulation, stronger bones, healthier joints, improved glycaemic (blood sugar) control, less fatigue, enhanced sleep quality and sharper concentration and memory.
ATHINK about where your main workspace areas are and install directional halogens that throw pools of light on those parts.
ATHINK back and remember the TV pictures of young people dying from Mad Cow Disease.
ATHINK tank has suggested that the North East should become a free trade zone.
Hopkins said the government should be urging Romanians and Bulgarians to athink before you travela.