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A volcanic lake of southwest Guatemala. Among the lofty mountains nearby are three inactive volcanoes, including Atitlán, rising to 3,535 m (11,598 ft).


(ˌɑ tiˈtlɑn)

Lake, a crater lake in SW Guatemala, 4700 ft. (1433 m) above sea level. ab. 53 sq. mi. (137 sq. km).
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Experience the rich Mayan culture surrounding Lake Atitlan, an expansive body of water contained within an ancient caldera situated at more than 5,000 feet above sea level as you run from village to village.
If you're helping people in someplace cool like Kathmandu, South Africa, Nairobi, or Guatemala, and you also want to trek in the Himalayas, go on a safari, or see Guatemala's Lake Atitlan, do it after or before your service.
In research which was done by Atitlan et al [2] also concluded that four factors of awareness, association, perceived quality and brand loyalty are effective on brand equity; furthermore, these factors also influence each other.
Their time in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, and 11 years before that, in Kpandu, Ghana, came through the Mission Doctors Association, a Los Angeles-based organization that pairs lay Catholic medical professionals with service opportunities around the globe.
Since the first map of Guatemalan coffees were introduced to the world in the mid-1990s during the annual SCAA conventions, the map has expanded from the five traditional coffee regions of Antigua, Highland Huehuetenango, Lake Atitlan, Rainforest Coban and Fraijanes, to adding Volcanic San Marcos, Acatenango and New Oriente in the last few years.
Altiplano is a small business in southern Vermont that sells fair trade jewelry and accessories from a community in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, supporting indigenous people and the environment.
In 2007, American Forests helped to plant 89,274 trees in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, in an area deforested by mudslides caused by Hurricane Stan's destruction.
O Highlights of the 12-day tour include exploring Antigua by mountain bike; visiting the market of Chichicastenango, Copan Ruinas and the village of Santiago Atitlan; boating across Lake Atitlan to the village of San Juan La Lagun; canoeing and horseback riding to a cloud forest; working with small coffee farmers in their daily coffee processing; hiking to remote waterfalls, local hot springs or surrounding coffee plantations; visiting Tikal's towering pyramids; and camping at the site of Uaxactun, the oldest complete Maya astronomical complex on earth.
The villagers get their water from Lake Atitlan and the surrounding waterfalls.
As of today, tell Mayan communities have worked with YABT: San Pedro la Laguna, Solola (my community), Santiago Atitlan, Patzun, Chimaltenango, Teepan, Guatemala, Totonicapan, Quetzaltenango, San Pedro Carcha in Alia Verapaz, and Santo Domingo Xenacoj.
Servant renewers, I'll close by illustrating our need for one another with two images from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, a town of thousands of indigenous inhabitants, almost all Roman Catholic.