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A throwing device usually consisting of a stick fitted with a thong or socket to steady the butt of a spear or dart and extend the length it travels.

[Nahuatl, from atla, to throw.]


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a wooden implement used to throw a spear or similar weapon at a greater speed or distance as used by Native Americans


(ˈɑtˌlɑt l)

a device for throwing a spear, usu. a flat wooden stick with a handhold and a peg or socket to accommodate the butt end of the spear.
[1870–75; < Nahuatl ahtlatl]
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The eruption has already been linked to major changes in the cultures of the First Nations, aboriginal peoples from the region, marking the transition between the atl-atl (throwing dart) hunting technology and newer and more effective bow and arrow technology.