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At·lan·te·an 1

 (ăt′lăn-tē′ən, ăt-lăn′tē-)
Of or like the Titan Atlas, especially in having a fundamental role or great strength.

[From Greek Atlās, Atlant-, Atlas; see Atlas.]

At·lan·te·an 2

 (ăt′lăn-tē′ən, ăt-lăn′tē-)
Of or relating to Atlantis.
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(ˌætlænˈtiːən; ætˈlæntɪən)
1. (Classical Myth & Legend) literary of, relating to, or like Atlas; extremely strong
2. (European Myth & Legend) of or connected with Atlantis
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(ˌæt lænˈti ən, -lən-)

of or pertaining to the Titan Atlas; strong.
[1660–70; < Latin Atlantē(us) < Greek Atlánteios of Atlas]
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From these and their degraded slaves and a later intermixture of the blood of the anthropoids sprung the gnarled men of Opar; but by some queer freak of fate, aided by natural selection, the old Atlantean strain had remained pure and undegraded in the females descended from a single princess of the royal house of Atlantis who had been in Opar at the time of the great catastrophe.
Which when BEELZEBUB perceiv'd, then whom, SATAN except, none higher sat, with grave Aspect he rose, and in his rising seem'd A Pillar of State; deep on his Front engraven Deliberation sat and publick care; And Princely counsel in his face yet shon, Majestick though in ruin: sage he stood With ATLANTEAN shoulders fit to bear The weight of mightiest Monarchies; his look Drew audience and attention still as Night Or Summers Noon-tide air, while thus he spake.
Why bring up the ocean (where Namor rules the seas as Atlantean royalty) if it wasn't meant to be explored in a future Black Panther film?
Published under the DC Ink label for young adult readers, Mera: Tidebreaker focuses on the teenage Xebel princess as she seeks to free her people from their Atlantean overlords by killing the crown prince of Atlantis.
In this exclusive behind the scenes featurette for Mirror Online, costume designer Kym Barrett , along with both Momoa discussing what it was like to step into Atlantean clothes.
The film, starring Jason Momoa as the Atlantean king, has generated more than $1 billion in box office revenues worldwide.
This disturbs Vulko (Dafoe), a top Atlantean adviser, as well as Mera, and she shows up unannounced to convince Aquaman that he should return home and, as the eldest son of the queen, claim the throne that is his birthright.
Arthur -- is "clearly an imbecile," says Mera (Amber Heard), an Atlantean princess with flame-red hair, and she has a point.
The original version was human, not Atlantean at all.
As an only child born in Hawaii to a Hawaiian father and a German, Irish and Native American mother, Jason said he can relate to the half-human, half- Atlantean Aquaman.
The flick traces the life of the King of Atlantis who is a part human and part Atlantean. He steps forward to lead his people and to stop his evil half-brother, the villain Ocean Master, played by Patrick Wilson, who wants to turn Earth into an underwater world.
Son of a lighthouse keeper and Atlantean queen Atlanna, Arthur has the ability to manipulate the tides, swim at super speeds, and communicate with ocean life (not to mention the superhuman strength).