Atlantic Coast

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Noun1.Atlantic Coast - a coast of the Atlantic OceanAtlantic Coast - a coast of the Atlantic Ocean  
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
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It will not be said by those who recollect that the Atlantic coast is the longest side of the Union, that during the term of thirteen years, the representatives of the States have been almost continually assembled, and that the members from the most distant States are not chargeable with greater intermissions of attendance than those from the States in the neighborhood of Congress.
If, on the contrary, there be but one government pervading all the States, there will be, as to the principal part of our commerce, but ONE SIDE to guard -- the ATLANTIC COAST. Vessels arriving directly from foreign countries, laden with valuable cargoes, would rarely choose to hazard themselves to the complicated and critical perils which would attend attempts to unlade prior to their coming into port.
It was not until afterward, when on a vacation in the Rocky Mountains and when reading the first published reports of the destruction along the Atlantic Coast, that suddenly Bannerman thought of Emil Gluck.
In no time he ascertained that Gluck had himself been up and down the Atlantic Coast in the late fall of 1940.
Supreme Court to review, and ultimately overturn, a ruling that "frustrated construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a decision that could unnecessarily block pipeline construction and impede economic growth nationwide." The coalition's brief, filed Monday, argues that a federal appeals court was inaccurate in ruling the U.S.
This facility is the sixty third location for Jiffy Lube franchisee, Atlantic Coast Enterprises, which has locations in South Florida, Tampa, South Carolina and Massachusetts.
The court found that Atlantic Coast Pipeline offered evidence at trial as to the value of the easements condemned through its valuation expert, and landowners received fair market value for their properties.
The changes include the addition of the executive team from the former Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ACFC), including John K.
20 May 2018 - Georgia, US-based bank holding company Ameris Bancorp (NASDAQ: ABCB) has completed the acquisition of Florida, US-based Atlantic Coast Financial Corp.
Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which has proposed a 600-mile natural gas pipeline to bring energy to Virginia and North Carolina, signed a contract making Spring Ridge Constructors, (SRC) its lead construction contractor, along with three other construction companies.
HURRICANE Matthew gained new fury as it hammered the central Bahamas, and forecasters say the lifethreatening storm is expected to strengthen further as it approaches Florida's heavily-populated Atlantic coast.

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