Atlantic herring

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Noun1.Atlantic herring - important food fishAtlantic herring - important food fish; found in enormous shoals in the northern Atlantic
Clupea, genus Clupea - type genus of the Clupeidae: typical herrings
Clupea harangus, herring - commercially important food fish of northern waters of both Atlantic and Pacific
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8% and has become worth 108 rubles / kg, the price of Atlantic herring has not changed - 64 rubles / kg.
Especially good sources of these omega-3 fats include albacore tuna, Atlantic herring, lake trout, mackerel, salmon, and sardines," she notes.
Similarly, LC50 estimates for C-93500A produced CEWAF (chemically enhanced water accommodated fraction) exposure of newly-hatched Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) embryos were inversely correlated with length of exposure (Mcintosh et al.
Deep Ocean Caviar is derived from North Atlantic Herring Roe (herring eggs) combined with algae-sourced astaxanthin and Verilla vegetarian ALA perilla seed oil.
Atlantic herring, the second most important forage fish, also has declined in puffin diets.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: orkla AsaKing Oscar, Lykkeberga/S, Nordish, Berggren As, Edward Johnson, Atlantic Herring, Misty Fjord Seafood, Findus Group, Frionor As, Pandalus
Fecundity of Atlantic herring Clupea harengus from three spawning areas in the northern Gulf of Maine, 1969 and 1982.
alewives and bluebackeds, have plummeted in recent years and most runs have been closed to netting, their cousin, the Atlantic herring, has made a resurgence in our region, once again providing big commercial catches.
Atlantic herring (Clupea Recorded in Kongsfjorden, with few harengus) individuals since 2006 (Hop and Gjosaeter, 2013).
Kadri Tuur analysed the incorporation of the Atlantic herring, a faraway marine resource, into the Estonian national discourse and recounted the descriptions of the sensual pleasure of the first encounter of the Estonians with the Atlantic herring in the 1930s.
In contrast to patterns observed in European eel, genomic clustering of some highly differentiated loci was observed in Atlantic herring (Lamichhaney et al.
Anchovy, Arctic char, farmed seabass, bream, cockle, Atlantic cod, coley, crab dab, haddock, farmed halibut, Atlantic herring, mussels, farmed prawns (king and tiger), sardine, European pilchard, skipjack tuna, red salmon, lemon sole, Dover sole, rainbow trout, turbot, whiting

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