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Noun1.Atlantic puffin - common puffin of the northern AtlanticAtlantic puffin - common puffin of the northern Atlantic
puffin - any of two genera of northern seabirds having short necks and brightly colored compressed bills
macareux moine
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Mrs Trevelyan told fellow MPs: "When they take off for flight, we see just why the Atlantic puffin - fratercula arctica, or the friar of the Arctic, so named because of its monkish black hood - is to be respected.
Nearly a half-century later, the fear of retreat or worse is not just in Maine but also in the Atlantic puffin s strongholds of Iceland, Norway, and the United Kingdom.
The Atlantic puffin was rated as "vulnerable" in 2015 by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature after worldwide numbers dropped.
SZYMON KUCZYNSKI, 37, returns to Plymouth to a world record for circling the globe in the smallest yacht - 20ft Atlantic Puffin.
Working on a dead specimen of an Atlantic Puffin, endemic to the Atlantic, Jamie Dunning wondered if the black and white feathers of the seabird were also bio-fluorescent like that of crested auklets, their close relatives.
Its the most important site in the UK for Arctic, common and roseate terns, the second most important site for sandwich tern, and the third most important site for Atlantic puffin.
An Atlantic puffin, which, along with the curlew, inset right, has joined the at-risk list in recent years
As part of this study, Atlantic puffin populations and chick weights at three Maine islands were examined between 2005-14.
The Atlantic puffin, which lives mainly on the north coast of the UK, has now been placed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature on a "red list" of species threatened with extinction.
Scientists are noticing worrying rates of Infant mortality In Atlantic puffin populations.
Species that nest in burrows (Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica) or on the ground (northern fulmar Fulmarus glacialis, great black-backed Larus marinus and herring gulls Larus argentatus) did not fledge any offspring in 2009, and common murres (Uria aalge) at this colony, the largest for this species in North America, experienced an estimated 4.9% (-19712.4 breeding pairs) reduction in the number of nesting birds.

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