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du Pont de Nemours, Hercules Powder and Atlas Powder, manufactured dynamite and published booklets that touted the many uses of dynamite on the farm.
"Trepidation," built on the foundation of an Atlas Powder Co.
As an example, in a leading case, Atlas Powder, the [section] 112
patent owned by Atlas Powder for an explosive mixture.
The possible mixtures in Atlas Powder illustrates a common
thousands of combinations, which in the case of Atlas Powder are
The genus/species issue in Atlas Powder turned in part on the
Griffin developed the system while working for Atlas Powder Company (now a part of Croda), which was located at Atlas Point.
Working with three leading explosives manufacturers at the time, Atlas Powder Co., DuPont Co., and Hercules, Aerospace tagged about 7 million pounds of explosives, not including gunpowder, over a 1 1/2-year period.