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(word root) vapor
Examples of words with the root atmo-: atmosphere
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Rohani had clearly anticipated that line of attack and said in his introduction that Iran's campuses need "a peaceful atmo sphere" and that is what Nili had created at the University of Tehran.
(24.) Nattinen, K, Nikkola, J, Minkkinen, H, Heikkila, P, Lavonen, J, Tuominen, M, "Reel-to-Reel Inline Atmo pheric Plasma Deposition of Hydrophobic Coatings." J.
Shamsia Hassani has become famous for her street paintings of women, including striking images of women in burqas and of fish as a symbol of flowing atmo sphere.
But the Rea former Liverp boss Jose Mou in their Cham Ferguson's face the Spani with the added a firm favourit he calls time o The return Ronaldo and warfare which guarantee fire Alonso (lef Fe Fe F rguson ar ma m ny title Mo M urinho references al al al a ways def th th that Mour tr triumph at an "Ferguson i football and h because of the "I believe h him and tha at at atmo mo mo mosp sp sphere of "I do fu fu fu fu f tu pe pe pe pMo Alonso (left) said: "Mourinho and Ferguson are two big coaches with many titles.
The levels of N influenced linear and positively the aerial tillers mortality rate (p < 0.05) (ATMo), but there was no effect of plant density or interaction between these factors on this variable (Figure 7).
This form of war making Sloterdijk refers to as atmoterrorism (atmo referring to atmosphere).
when the speed of desire in crossing the dodgy tumult low atmo sphere of dense and viscous thought alights insidious affectionate pan opticon considerately tries to resist transparency 3.
An Atmo production with the support of Film i Vast, Swedish TV.
Martina then focused on electro music as a solo act named Tinka and recorded tracks with her DJ brother Jon, Manfred Hermann and Dr Atmo in Berlin after she set up the Superbitch Records label.
(138) Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth) s42(b) and applied in Re Southcorp Wines [2000] ATMO 34.