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n. Mythology
An ancient Semitic goddess of love and war, being the Phoenician, Syrian, and Canaanite counterpart to Ishtar. In the Bible, her name sometimes appears in the plural, perhaps referring to a group of goddesses. Also called Ashtoreth.

[Greek Astartē, of Phoenician origin; see ʕṯtr in Semitic roots.]


(Other Non-Christian Religions) a fertility goddess worshipped by the Phoenicians: identified with Ashtoreth of the Hebrews and Ishtar of the Babylonians and Assyrians


(æˈstɑr ti)

a Semitic goddess of fertility and reproduction worshiped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites.
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Noun1.Astarte - an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertilityAstarte - an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertility; the Phoenician counterpart to Ishtar
Phenicia, Phoenicia - an ancient maritime country (a collection of city states) at eastern end of the Mediterranean
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