a.1.Attentive; heedful.
Let thine ears be attent unto the prayer.
- 2 Chron. vi. 40.
n.1.Attention; heed.
References in classic literature ?
What can be then less in me than desire To see thee and approach thee, whom I know Declared the Son of God, to hear attent Thy wisdom, and behold thy godlike deeds?
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me rendez-vous intercontinental, sur l problAaAaAeA@matiques de la jeunesse, en parfaite synchronie avec ses attent AaAaAeA venir, s'apprAaAaAeA tent AaAaAeA raffermir encore plus leur volontAaAaAeA@ d' l'avant, sur la base des principes de l'AaAaAeA@quitAaAaAeA@ et de l'AaAaAeA@thique de tout esprit colonialiste et hAaAaAeA@gAaAaAeA@monique.
place (aft will bec Labour) s our attent "[We] m questions appeal to, broaden t lack credib "Where vulnerable headed en es, and to The AM are we obviously weak and to attack?
she must h nea Ga big b God fron age tr record attent The you w peop sam mu has wity Jal The second is that you would never hear people saying the same about male musicians.
The event, the biggest free concert in Scotland's modern music history, saw 250,000 people attent a day of concerts on June 3, spread across various stages in the city.
So being clad, vnto the fields he went With the faire Pastorella euery day, And kept her sheepe with diligent attent, Watching to driue the rauenous Wolfe away, The whylest at pleasure she mote sport and play; And euery euening helping them to fold: And otherwhiles for need, he did assay In his strong hand their rugged teats to hold, And out of them to presse the milke: loue so much could.
sqa8ndtji) a story on Medium about the importance of the app in society, and Williams did an exclusive interview with Salon; published on the day of Cuddlr's release, it sparked a large globalAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA media attent
WE LOVE DOCUMENTARY SECRETS OF THE CASTLE (9pm BBC2) ATTENT A ION turns this week to warfare of the 13th century as historians Tom, Ruth and Peter, looking ever more at home in their authentic medieval get-up, get hands on with ancient weaponry.
TTENT ATTENT ION Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms include hyperactivity, inattention, resulting in frustration, anxiety, intolerance, aggres sive behaviour and inability to regulate the emotions; ADHD also predisposes .