Attic style

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a style pure and elegant.

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Because this small upper order is in the Attic style, the French named it attique.
This oversize volume (10x13") documents the British Museum's collection of 200 Greek geometric pottery pieces--123 in the Attic style, with 11 other regional styles represented by the remainder--encompassing the period from the 10th to the 7th century BC.
It will be a cash in the attic style event where residents are invited to donate items for the auction.
Bourgeois would argue, too, that it is not enough to say that in the earlier seventeenth century a simpler, sublime, Attic style replaces the vehemence and ornament of a Ciceronian style.
At the luxury 101 Townhead Street development, the last home is a three-bedroom attic style apartment, priced at pounds 100,000 inclusive of carpeting.
GREEK TEXT OMITTED] This is the plain Attic style of Lysias, whom Caecilius famously admired.
Attic style has been defined by Croll (207-33) as the paratactical and concise prose that is associated with Seneca.
The upper floor allows three attic style bedrooms, using up the extra height - a lofty 13ft plus in the master bedroom.
7) The reflections of Cicero on the ideal Attic style in the Orator, in particular his treatment of the "low genre" or genus humile, one of the three oratorical styles, would have a crucial influence on epistolary literature.