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Noun1.Attila the Hun - king of the HunsAttila the Hun - king of the Huns; the most successful barbarian invader of the Roman Empire (406-453)
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Baroness Hayman and Attilla, launch the Passports for Pets scheme back in 2011
From March to September 1975 elements of the 1st Royal tank Regiment were responsible for the UN coverage of the Paphos District and were figurative in the transferring of the Turkish Cypriots in the area to new areas north of the Attilla Line.
ylhan was the sister of famous Turkish author and poet Attilla ylhan and the mother of actor Kerem AlyE-yk ylhan.
The use of Turkish airspace at such a critical time, with the conflict in Syria across our borders, and by foreign planes from countries that are known to be central to the conflict, defines Turkey as a party in the conflict," said member of the Turkish Parliament from the CHP opposition party Attilla Kart, who confirmed details about several Saudi shipments.
Attilla the Hun, the Roman Empire, the Wars of the Roses, the Napoleonic wars, the Crimean and Boar wars, the First and Second World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, the Falklands, right up to the present First and Second Gulf wars have all been about either greed for land or resources, a lust for power or an envy of prosperity and existence.
But few people knew about these forecasts until 2001, when fellow Canadian Attilla Danko found a new way to present the same data, slicing it by location rather than time.
It was fading by mid-Jan, Attilla Kosa-Kiss reporting it at 10.
I would suggest that Mr Bogdanov has such little affinity with the theme of this event that it is akin to having Attilla the Hun take up the assembly post of Minister of Justice and Social Reform
POMP and romp at Castle Leslie where the owners can trace their ancestry back to that naughty pillager Attilla the Hun.
It focuses on 27-year-old Attilla Mellek (Fahri Oguen Yardim), the manager of a family-owned kebab joint, his rocky relationship with German girlfriend Nina (Diana Staehly) and their ethnically mixed group of friends.
On one side we've got the warmongering George Bush, thick as a plank and way to the right of Attilla the Hun.