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 (ăt′lē), Clement Richard 1883-1967.
British politician who as prime minister (1945-1951) formed the Labor government that established the National Health Service, expanded public ownership of industry, and granted independence to India (1947) and Burma (1948).


(Biography) Clement Richard, 1st Earl Attlee. 1883–1967, British statesman; prime minister (1945–51); leader of the Labour party (1935–55). His government instituted the welfare state, with extensive nationalization


(ˈæt li)

Clement (Richard), 1883–1967, British prime minister 1945–51.
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Noun1.Attlee - British statesman and leader of the Labour Party who instituted the welfare state in Britain (1883-1967)
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Thank you to Kevin Maguire for pointing out that Clement Attlee is arguably the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had (Mirror, Jan 22).
Though riven by Labour divisions, the pro-Soviet, leftbacking Stalin, Attlee refused Halifax, backed Churchill as coalition leader and insisted on taking the fight right back to Hitler.
Her Labour-supporting mother suggested Attlee, but her grandfather said: "It has to be Wilson, because Attlee went along with the Cold War.
Between the 1960s and 1980s, thousands of people would flock to Attlee Park in Bedlington where speeches by leading political and trade union figures such as Arthur Scargill, Michael Foot and John Prescott were made from the park's iconic bandstand.
She went on to say: "There is no Churchill in the Tory party to lead us, and Jeremy Corbyn is no Clem Attlee.
He falls far short of the leadership that Attlee displayed when the country pulled together to save our way of life in 1940" - Former Commons Speaker Baroness Boothroyd.
Earl Attlee is a Conservative peer - who is an hereditary peer because his grandfather was a Prime Minister.
Toward the end of our discussion I asked Attlee what was the extent of Gandhi's influence upon the British decision to leave India.
Author Helena Attlee has written other books on Italian gardens.
Winston Churchill's quip about Labour Leader Clem Attlee - "a modest man with much to be modest about" - said more about Churchill than about Attlee.
No individual party leader, not even Attlee, has had more than 50% vote in a General Election since before World War Two.
The record of Clement Attlee and his government remains unsurpassed as social revolution brought about change which included nationalisation of utilities and bankrupt industry, near full employment, and the founding of the NHS which brought quality free health care to the whole population.